Thayer Hall at the Colburn School 200 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA

Mentored by William Chapman Nyaho Leonard Hayes presents musical gems of the European and African Diaspora. This program explores the cultural and musical idioms of piano works by George Walker, Florence Price, Ellis Marsalis, and Johannes Brahms along with anecdotes. Also, this program will include a commissioned work by Dr. Bongani Ndodana-Breen. SEASON SUBSCRIPTION: HERE


Zipper Concert Hall 200 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA, CA

Some things are beyond the artist’s control. The exact program cannot be determined at this time…but you can bet it will be something spectacular! SEASON SUBSCRIPTION: HERE


Zipper Concert Hall 200 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA, CA

Metal strings struck by hammers excite the air. Peaks and troughs radiate outwards in precise predetermined relationships. Vibrations are transduced into electrical impulses by the smallest of bones. Synapses fire. Neurotransmitters are released. An intense euphoric experience follows. This program explores ecstasy and ecstatic states in music. Inspired by mysticism, religion, meditation, repetition, beauty, the […]

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