Nic Gerpe : April 28, 2015, REDCAT

Ces espaces infinis

  • Alexina Louie

    I leap through the sky with stars
  • Karol Szymanowski

    Métopes, Op. 29: L’île des Sirènes, Calypso, Nausicaa
  • Juhi Bansai

    World Premiere, Piano Spheres Commission
  • George Crumb

    Makrokosmos, Volume I:
  • Part 1
  • 1. Primeval Sounds (Genesis I) (Cancer)
  • 2. Proteus (Pisces)
  • 3. Pastorale (from the Kingdom of Atlantis, ca. 10,000 B.C.) (Taurus)
  • 4. Crucifixus (Capricorn)
  • Part 2
  • 1. The Phantom Gondolier (Scorpio)
  • 2. Night-Spell; I (Sagittarius)
  • 3. Music of Shadows (for Aeolian Harp) (Libra)
  • 4. The Magic Circle of Infinity (Moto Perpetuo) (Leo)
  • Part 3
  • 1. The Abyss of Time (Virgo)
  • 2. Spring-Fire (Aries)
  • 3. Dream Images (Love-Death Music (Gemini)
  • 4. Spiral Galaxy (Aquarius)

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