Piano Spheres regularly commissions composers in keeping with its mission to expand the piano repertoire. Commissions are funded by contributions to the Leonard Stein Memorial Fund. For information about fully sponsoring a Piano Spheres commission please contact Heidi Lesemann, Executive Director, at or (323)226-0326 or click here.

1994: Mark Robson: Nocturne (Robson)
1996: Joel Feigen: Variations on a Theme by Arnold Schoenberg (Stein)
2002: Hyo-shin Na: Piano Study No. 3 (Svrcek)
2003: Peyman Farzinpour: Four Vignettes (Stein)
2004: Steven Andrew Taylor: Seven Memorials (Cheng)
2006: Robert Gates: Broken Mirrors: 3 Etudes for Solo Piano (Robson)
2007: Dante de Silva: Piano Sonata No. 1 “Arcata” (Cheng)
2009: John Harbison: Leonard Stein Anagrams (Cheng)
2009: Patricio Da Silva: Fantasy and Nocturn (Robson)
2009: Amy Beth Kirsten: Speak to Her (Ray)
2009: Andrew Waggoner: La Folie (Cheng)
2010: Daniel Strong Godfrey: Night Walk (Cheng)
2012: Bruno Louchouarn: Drive Through (Robson)
2013: Carlos Rivera: La Quinta del Sordo (Svrcek)
2013: William Kraft: Quilleries (Cheng-harpsichord)
2013: Joseph Pereira: Six Settings for Solo Piano (Ray)
2014: Nicholas Deyoe: NCTRN (Valitutto)
2014: Kate Moore: Bloodmoon October (Kallay)
2014 & 2015: Frederick Lesemann: Preludes after a Tenor by Guillaume Dufay
2015: Steven Stucky: Sonata (Cheng)
2015: Juhi Bansal: Land of Waking Dreams (Gerpe)
2015: Veronika Krausas: Two Etudes (Vanhauwaert)
2015: Eric Tanguy: Nouvelle Etude (Vanhauwaert)
2015: Thomas Adès: Concert Paraphrase on Powder Her Face for two pianos (Cheng)
2015: Annie Gosfield: The Dybbuk on Second Avenue (Shpachenko)
2015: Lewis Spratlan: Bangladesh: Louis Kahn’s National Assembly Buildings, Dhaka (Shpachenko)
2016: Dominique Schafer: Aufwind (Ray)
2016: Mu-Xuan Lin: Pale Fire (Ray)
2016: Hugh Levick: Maybe the Story of ‘I’ (Robson)
2016: Harold Meltzer: In Full Sail (Shpachenko)
2016: Ian Dicke: Counterpundit for piano, electronics and video (Kallay)