The American Composers Forum of Los Angeles, on the occasion of the opening of Piano Spheres’ 10th anniversary season, is pleased to present Life Membership to Leonard Stein for his extraordinary leadership as Musician, Musicologist and Impressario of international stature and as Director and Founder of the renowned Piano Spheres Music Series.

Leonard Stein continues to make a unique and exemplary contribution to the exploration and understanding of new music. He has steadfastly encouraged the performance of new music through innovative presentations such as “Encounters”, concerts and lectures at the Arnold Schoenberg Institute, and Piano Spheres. He is a generous teacher and mentor, having brought many composers and musicians into the public eye. Through his performances and lectures of, writings about, and editorship of many written and musical works of Arnold Schoenberg he has proved to be a crucial interpreter of that composer’s music and thought. Leonard Stein is a treasured friend of composers and their music the world over. We, the community of Los Angeles composers, members of the American Composers Forum of Los Angeles, wish with this award to express our profound appreciation and gratitude to our friend Leonard Stein. The Board of Directors American Composers Forum of Los Angeles

William Kraft, President Alex Shapiro, Vice President
Peter Golub, Secretary Raphael Cung, Treasurer